Spaces by Young Robin

Young Robin are progressing so fast that it’s exciting to watch – anticipating what they’re going to do next, only to have those expectations surpassed. A band with an innate knack for hooks, Young Robin craft a beautiful sound that is somewhere between blissful indie and dance floor anthems. Fittingly, their latest single, the mesmerising Spaces, is both. Equal parts groove and melody, Spaces is the follow up to single U from the band’s stellar EP, Transitions.

Built upon a rhythm you can’t sit still to, Spaces is a delight for the ears with its perfectly-placed layers of delay-soaked guitar, bass, and effortlessly smooth vocals by both Jed Begho and Ben Teune. Playful and euphoric, Spaces feels like summer in Perth – as if the band have distilled the excitement of their beautiful hometown down into a singular burst of energy.

This is due in no small part to award-winning producer AndyLawson, who has sculpted the Transitions EP masterfully – capturing the band’s energy like lightning in a bottle. Bringing each vivid layer of the band to life, giving every instrument its perfect place in the mix, the combination of Young Robin and Andy Lawson has allowed each song to reach its full potential. Transitions is the band at its best and the remixed single Spaces elevates their sound to a new level.

Just two years ago, the band was releasing its debut EP Tether and its stunning singles  Ferndully and Faker Faker. The band announced their arrival with a sound that was energised by youth and friendship – exemplified by their 2017 follow-up single StaySpaces takes this chemistry to the next level – adding refinements that show how far they have progressed since their inception. The band’s experience on stage reveals itself in the quality of their playing, and their continued mateship sculpts their songwriting.

Young Robin will be celebrating the release of Spaces and its accompanying video doing what they do best. The launch party will be at The Aardvark, Fremantle, on December 14th.

“When you listen to fresh-faced five-piece Young Robin‘s recorded material, you sense a band who well and truly has it together.” Kane Sutton, Music Insight