A sparse piano line introduces Fanshore & Tropic’s life-affirming new track ‘Soul Define’.

In their words it’s a song “about soul defining moments, the moments that shape us and affect our lives, the people that define us, and our relationships with them.”

Sonically, it’s tuned to a darker pitch than the rest of their work so far. A jazzy murkiness pervades the mix as the duo playfully experiment through both the production and the vocals. Resisting easy hooks or repetitive ideas, the vocals veer between sung hooks and full on rapping without ever coming off predictably. Tristan’s bars are held together by his ear for internal rhymes and the music of language, as Tyler’s ear for texture and space in the song guides listeners into their meditative mindset. It’s another swerve ball from the duo, whose eclectic approach to music, and the themes in their songs, have seen them cut an utterly distinct path through UK hip hop.

Fanshore and Tropic is the vital new collaboration between Londoners Tyler Darrington and Tristan Gibbs (Fanshore and Tropic respectively).

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