Dr. Joe Dispenza – REWIRED S01E01

Just some things I penned down while watching this episode on Gaia.

Every morning when you wake up the same record is played in your mind.
The same record you have been playing for a long time. Along with the thoughts, memories and sensations. Things like “oh no, still this tinnitus which is bothering me” or “whoaaa floaters in my eyes”.

The best way to predict the future is to create one yourself.

If you want to change something in your life or change from the old you into a new and improved version you will have to cross the “river of change”.
This will not easy because your mind and body want to stick to your old routine.

Most people wait for an outside force to change their life. This is not working and … while your waiting you are not creating.

Sensations (tired, headache) are not a good barometer for change.

By becoming aware of the programs running in your mind you have made the first step in the new direction. One which will lead you into your new future.

Don’t pay any attention to the things you don’t want, rather focus the attention to the things you DO want.

Create your own future!