In My Mailbox

Sail by Summer – Low Tide Exit

Songs about longing, lack of self-confidence, songs about indifference and choice of directions. It could be Big Thief, Charlie Cunningham […]

The Nature Volume 1

‘The Nature’ represents an antipodean landscape of Australian voices. A melting pot of sultry depictions, deep embraces from beyond and […]

Superficial by Tommy Down

‘Superficial’ sees Tommy Down analysing the psychological perils of a generation addicted to selfies and social media. Tommy Down is […]

Reflections by Brudini

Reflections is a lonesome journey through darkness. The song rides an uneasy undercurrent: part nostalgia, part desperation, an eerie testament […]

The Chesterfield Band

2018 saw The Chesterfield Band hit the road in a big way. Travelling over 15,000km, playing over 100 shows, eating […]